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Average cost per student that enables them to get an entry level tech job

$5 million

Total funding pledged by founders for technical training in 2022


Students currently enrolled in bootcamps supported by Pledges


Average salary post graduation within a 1 year period


Financial impact (annual salary) per student within the first year

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Institute of Emerging Careers

Based in Pakistan, IEC currently has 400 students enrolled in various bootcamps.

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Alt School Africa

An educational program designed to arm you with the skills and knowledge required to launch your tech career.

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Based in Iraq, Computiq is women led and focus and high quality technical training.

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Based in Tajikistan, Ilmhona wants to transform the country with talent in technology and innovation.

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Dev Career

DevCareer is a Non-Profit organization that is focused on supporting upcoming developers with resources to excel into world class engineers.

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Tech Bootcamps as a solution to failing Education systems

It’s the latter part of the aughts, 250+ high school graduates have just gotten admission to study a prestigious medical course, their future looks promising… By the end of the next decade barely 10% of that number actually practiced that course.

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Why Pledges supports coding bootcamps

"..We all came up from bootcamps, the benefits of that relationship can't be overstated…"

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Why is it called a bootcamp?

The first time I ever heard the word boot camp, I wondered why any human would have chosen to use the two words together. Another thing that got me wondering about the word was that it had nothing to do with what I had thought initially when I heard the word (oh, please don’t ask what I thought)

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If you’re a bootcamp serving a low-income country, then we’ll fund scholarships for students to attend your bootcamp.

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