We’re built to help more people do more good, it’s really that simple.

From how we operate to what we focus on, we’re different to most nonprofits. Our CEO Murti explains more below.

Meet the
Amazing Team Behind Pledges


20 Years of startups. Self taught coder/designer. Most recently founder of Streamlabs.com that sold to Logitech in 2019. If you ever want to have a conversation about life's big questions, buy Murti a drink!


As a product designer, Cassius creates successful digital products by weaving together the threads which connect people, business, and technology. He's worked with fast-growth startups like Bumble, Facebook, and Riot Games; and has spoken at Imperial College London, The Dutch National Bank, and MIT.


Average cost per student that enables them to get an entry level tech job

$5 million

Total funding pledged by founders for technical training in 2022


Students currently enrolled in bootcamps supported by Pledges


Average salary post graduation within a 1 year period


Financial impact (annual salary) per student within the first year